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I 'm/Might/be Back (29 01 '18)
So first of all Happy New Year, and all the best to all of you... Yes the last upload was from August 2017. There are still some personal stuff going on. (Which again, I won't bother you with). The YouTube channel has also been on a low from time to time. But even that is now back up again (for now). I just wasn't in the mood / didn't have the time and patience to upload things. I did want to upload F1 Reviews but I didn't do it in the end. I did watch them. And I will upload a good recap (if I can find one online). I've watched Dakar during this month, and I will post a recap of that as well, if I can find one. The plans for Le Mans are in progress. And also a lot of items are waiting to be uploaded. As mentioned the YouTube channel is back up as well and as an example I've uploaded a Review from it to the site. Meanwhile the .TK domain has been renewed. The .GA domain will follow in March.