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Quick...! (07 05 '17)
I was working on the layout/research my options at the Hosting provider, when I noticed they changed something quite important. The webspace the site was pointing at didn't show any website. So I logged in and saw they had made a new webspace which was blank. The old webspace was still filled. So I did a big download/upload trick. And now everything is back in order. This means however that the layout-maintanence needed to wait for a bit.

Later then expected (30 04 '17)
Later then expected/promised. But the Reviews are there + an additional Review. O'course I talk about the F1 Reviews. The one from China, Bahrain and this weekends race in Russia. The lay-out will be the next in line. So keep an eye on that as well.

Updates/lay-out (11 04 '17)
So the logo has been changed. As mentioned last time (see below) the .GA address is now in there, instead of the .CF. Furthermore the update-schedule has been pretty solid. Sometimes a couple of days later, but none the less quite solid. There will be more to come. As I last looked at my 'still to upload' list. So a lot to come. And that besides the F1 Reviews I am doing again. The China one will come seperate, but together with Bahrain (propably on Monday). The lay-out will get a small change, as promised last time. I think I will be able to do that this month. So be patient please.

Change in 2nd domain-name (26 03 '17)
So during mid-March I was able to renew Xs2Funnet.CF, but somehow it didn't work or I was to early or to late. That's why, this weekend, I ordered a new domain name: Xs2FunNet.GA. (Because the .CF domain was really gone), and as I/we don't have a kickstarter or something I can't afford a .COM address or something. (Because this is still a part-time hobby / and must remain fun - not business). So I will adjust the logo in the coming days. And I am thinking to adjust the lay-out a bit (not with colors, but in lay-out/interface).

'Things' are Happening (02 03 '17)
So it took a while to get back on track since January. The focus has been a bit more on the YouTube channel. And thinking about how to improve the website. Plus; a couple of things going on in private life. But I won't talk you into boredom about that. So 1 (!) slight change already towards the Home | Update section (the 1st page that you always see). Normally the 'headline' would be "Below a list of the new items on this site. Latest update: [date and time]". But now I found this more suiting "Every week (or more) this website is getting an update. The last update is from the [date and time], look below for the new/recent items".

Some Personal Stuff... (11 01 '17)
First of all a Happy New Year to you all. And all the best for this year (2017). The year of the -Fire- Rooster according to China (Asia): Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. So more or less everyone can see themselfs as a Rooster. Altough I am personally a -Fire- Tiger (1986) I can relate to the Rooster as well. But enough about that.
I have summarised last year again, so look it up (when interested) under the History section. I've also added some screen shots of former looks thourout the years, thanks to TheWayBackMachine (Internet Archive). Besides that I've uploaded some items that were on hold. Personally there are some things going on beyond my control that take away alot of time. So bare with me on that level. (That is the reason the last update was from December 2016). Furthermore with this update I found out that the .TK domain was not working anymore. It didn't expire or anything, but it was removed from my account. I re-activate it instantly. So that should be back up soon. The .CF domain does work tough.