Review | Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

This will be quiet an odd Review. This game is released on Consoles and PC. But overhere they only sell it for the PC through Steam. IGN gave this a 5.6 / 6.5, that smells like they don't understand what the developer is trying to do. Let me cut it short for you all. Ninja Gaiden is very hard to master / progress (I played it on Xbox many times). This however is easier, not too easy, but easier then it's bigger brother. The combo's are easier as well, and can be chained nicely. There is even a rage mode. When this is activated, none of the enemy's you are facing will be a problem. (Except end bosses). You will have a wide variaty of weapons, and can use the weapons left by some mid-level bosses. Like clown nun-chucks. Or electrical spine. Or even a rocket pod left by a destroyed Warhound-mech. And you have your samurai sword and big-ass chain. The graphics make it look even better, instead of worse. The shell-shaded threatment is doing well for this game. The only negative part I discoverd so far is the price for the PC according to how long you will play to finish it: 60 Euro's for a 8 levels game. The levels aren't that long. Okay you can put it on hard, but if you are not comfortable with it, why should you. Then another point the camera. I find it better then in Ninja Gaiden but still I would love to have a free-to-use camera system in this kind of game. You miss some parts of the world where you are in. And sometimes you miss interesting points, because of this. The story is thin but good. And well over the top. You are Yaiba who turned on his own clan and eventually challenged Ryu (Ninja Gaiden himself). That doesn't turn out well, and he becomes a mix between ninja and cyborg. The people that do this want his services in return. And so begins a weird mix. In an even weirder design-creation. But alld of this is really nice to play. And even when you die (some points are trial and error) you will still have smile on your face from the last combo you made. So please pick this game up, if you like a (bit) easier Ninja Gaiden, which is worth a 7.5.

Above you see some nice things IGN puts in the open what you can expect with Yaibe. Might I self point out this: The humor/sarcasm of the Zombies, and how they react. In one particulair point you need to slam zombies into a truck. And they will instantly drive away. Cause they are constantly walking or doing things. And suddenly they blow up in a building of a strip club, with a happy ending. And the awesome/but simple beat troughout the game/in the menu of it.

March: PC.PS3.X360 | Tecmo KOEI, Spark Unlimited