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DVD | Wreck-it Ralph

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I didn't had the time to watch it in the cinema when it was playing there. At first I thought, oh well a game-based movie. Can't be that good... Well I was wrong. This movie is hillarious. Even if you are not 100 percent familliar with all the game references used in this movie, you can still have a fun movie to watch. For the people who see the references, it is also a good movie. They are well translated into the movie. The extra additions in the movie make it even nicer / more humorous. Overall a good movie. With not a huge amount of story, just a simple straight forward one.

So I added the Escape to the Movies Review of this movie to this item. Because Movie Bob is mostly correct as a film critic. And this time he's also right. The one thing he isn't right about is the special powers / explanation bit. But that may be personal. I think the reasons why or why not something is the way it is in the movie is perfectly explained. And leaves you a bit to guess before it's explained. I understood it perfectly without a moment of questioning.

March 2013 | Walt Disney Studios