Review | Where's Waldo: The Fantastic Journey
Altough this game is already in stores since the end of summer last year. I was not able to lay my hands on it till now... I must say for the game that it is, it's a good one. You have many of these games in the casual scene. But nothing like Waldo from a big publisher like Ubisoft. Sure we have had Portal, Trine and don't forget Braid. But that is all platform / 3d. Waldo is a real puzzle game. Childish looking. Not too hard, not too easy.
It's in the third level where it gets a bit harder. But it never gets impossible. And that's where the alternative publisher comes around: BigFish. This studio gives the casual gamer all sort off games that are sometimes hard but not impossible. And the games are always building up from easy towards a bit harder/hard.
Overall a nice game for a moment or for maybe a couple of hours a day.

September 2009: DS.MAC.PC.Wii | Ubisoft/BigFish, Ludia