Special | Watch Dogs

Unlike Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z (from this week) Watch Dogs is the other way around when it comes to the verdict. But the same goes for the writing of that verdict. That is why I put a special on this one. Let me point out that I don't own the PC to give this game a major Review (what I liked to have done). And that this game is still buggy, but they are coming with a patch. And that is the first in a new franchise published by Ubisoft. So handle / speak out a verdict of this game, like it would be the first Assassins Creed. Okay ? So let's roll then.

I didn't had a Preview about this game yet. So let's start out with that. The game looks cool in trailers. And seems to look cool on Ultra settings. But it has also some bugs. The reflection and shadows are not done well for instance. The game itself is nice to play, and the city is living (somehow). You even sence some Assassins Creed when you free run. Which isn't strange, looking at the studio who does the game. I was feeling the hype. And the graphical flaws, well I will take them for granted. The biggest part I am worrying about is the many different versions from this game...

Then the Review. Now this is a whole lot of different stuff. The game is really mis-slapping the graphical engine. Like GTA IV for the PC back then. Unlike GTA IV it's not correcting the error as well. Or is even playable, all be it a bit. Now that is not good. Graphical flaws till so far, but unplayable ? That is a NO NO ! The repetetive of the game while playing is not that much in the amount of missions, side quests and collectibles. But more in how you do it. And the diversity off that. The game still looks good on low, but is still shocky. And that is not necessary GTA IV didn't had the same outcome, but it had the same issue (on PC at least). The characters are well done, but are missing depth. The story could have been more/interesting. All of this are minor/somewhat major flaws that Ubisoft shouldn't make, even more so considering they have been there before with Assassins Creed. I must say after installing the latest Nvidia driver it is a bit more playable. But still not to it's full potential. They could have used this engine better. I am curious what GTA V will do on the PC, if Watch Dogs is expecting this kind of system-requirements. Then the comparison many people do between this and GTA or Saints Row. Missplaced if you ask me, why ? Well GTA and Saints Row have a different focus in my oppinion. Yes they are all three open-world games. But so is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You don't compare that with GTA nor Saints Row as well. The focus from Watch Dogs is more like Deus Ex, only with driving. But that driving is just as bad as with Saints Row on the PC. To much forcing it to be arcade, which it fails to do. And that is a shame. Because driving is a big part. The weapons and the throwing devices / upgrades are well done, and play a big role (specially when it gets tough. But let me compare it with Deus Ex then: Deus Ex is better at this point. I am curious however what the patch does with it. If that turns out to solve most of the problems, then I will look into this game again. Untill then, let's move on. Sorry !

Out now: PC.PS3.PS4.Wii.X360.XOne | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal