Review | Velvet Assassin
The game has finally landed on my doorstep. (Tip: the game is much cheaper if you order it on Although IGN gives the game a "meh" 5.0, and Gametrailers give it an average of 7.9... I find it worth something in between, let's say a 6.5. The game is not great but not bad at all either. If you compare it to Death to Spies (a game from last year) this stealthy nazi game is getting a 6.8 from me... Death to Spies was really pissing me of at the end. But Velvet Assassin, with main caracter: Violet, won't do that. Sure the game is a bit trial and error but which game isn't ?! Sometimes you will get a difficult situation but for thoes kind of situations you have Morphine. This will allow you to run straight into 1 guard and kill him without the fuzz alerted. You can also not use it. But it has it's advantages not only in killing but in more situations as well...

The AI of this game is getting 7.5, this is due to the fact that sometimes they don't go to the far away from there walking path. And this makes them quite dumb. On the otherhand it add's a certain level of hardness to the game. A weird thing is if you have a german suite on they will allow you closer to them then normally but not too close ! This makes it hard to believe you have any advantage from the costume you are wearing, but believe me sometimes it's necessary. The action moves are quite good tough, for example, if a german officer has a grenade sticked to his back... You can sneak up on him pull the pin as soon has he wants to continue his walk, and like this he will be a walking bomb. Timing is quite important with every move, and certainly with a move like that ! But ey, it's a stealth game.

Overall the game is good. Okay it isn't as polished like any other game. But look on the bright side of that, you won't need a NSA pc to run it ! The game is also not repetetive, okay you have to kill nazi's but besides that the main objective is quite divers. And that is quite a good thing now-a-days !

Out now: PC.X360 | Southpeak Games, Replay Studios