Preview | Velvet Assassin
I am already following this game since it's first big exposure to the world ! Since then it went up and down in level of quite / loud. However now that the game is near to releasing on the PC and Xbox 360 it's time to get it to your attention: all over the world. The game makes you think about Splinter Cell, Thief and Metal Gear Solid... Only now you play a female. It has been done before, with a Splinter Cell look-a-like. You were a spy and was getting around the game just like you were doing with Sam Fisher. This however has quality that the 'B Game' didn't have ! So to give you a better look on this game here is the last trailer there is from the ComicCon in New York from this February.

14 April 2009: PC.X360 | SouthPeak Games, Replay Studios