Review | Tomb Raider Underworld
Last time I talked about this game, it was about the preview version of the game. At this point I'm already at the end of the 4th level of the game. And I must say I'm quite exited about the game. It continues upon the story from Tomb Raider Legend. And that was quite a good story, so I would say it was a good decision from Crystal Dynamics to give Legend a follow-up. The game it self is pretty much just like Legend. Anniversary feeling is still there, at some points. Like the big puzzles from Anniversary made there way to Underworld. Puzzles have now more layers then they had in Legend. It makes it fun, but it's also result in complexety. For example in South Mexico: you need to rotate 2 maya calanders, before you can do this you must go to an other place in the same location to collect some puzzle elements. After this you can go back to the calanders and put the elements in place. After this a timer starts, you won't see a clock or anything but you will see that the opening to the temple will close after a while. So you really need to hurry on your bike.
Without spoiling the puzzles / story I can say for sure: that the puzzles are good, not too easy and not too hard. (Yes they are brain cracking but that is fun). You won't get that many boss-fights as they were in Legend. In fact I didn't see any of them till now. The only ones I did see were quite easy (if you keep the last level of Legend in mind).

P.S.: O'course the game looks good, not as good as Anniversary but still better then Legend. And you don't need a super computer for it. I don't know about the console versions... But they shouldn't have it though as well. The best part of all is that Lara looks good !

Out now: PC.PS3.X360.Wii | Eidos, Crystal Dynamics