Review | Trine
This week I was lucky to play Trine, a 2D (old skool) platformer. Although old skool is not really the word for it. Cause although it feels old it's a brand new game from Frozenbyte. It let you control 3 caracters troughout the game, whenever you want to. This kind of feature is not new, but how the game is doing it is quite good (if not perfect). You have the wizard: creating boxes, planks and such... To cross distances get rid of obstacles. You have the thief who has a grappling hook and her bow and arrow for the combat. And there is the knight who has a shield, a sword and so he can do alot of damage. Along the way you will find some puzzles you will need to solve. Some of them are even requiring a fast switch between 2 or even all 3 caracters.

I won't give you any example though, cause that would ruin the feeling you get when you solve a puzzle. Not that they are all that hard or easy but sometimes you will have quite a crack for solving one. Sometimes you will need to think differently then it looks on first sight... Troughout the games you will find some sort of green bottles thoes will give you experience and power to progress in your caracters abbilities. The thief will get some fire arrows, the knight will get more strength. And you will need to choose which you will upgrade first.

Besides that there are also chests who can carry some really nice stuff, like an extra item for the wizard or a jewelry which causes you to hit the enemy with poisoned weapons. And at the end of some levels you will have to face an enemy. Sometimes 1 kind of enemy more then once. The AI is pretty strong as well, but sometimes you feel a bug in there brain. The level design makes you forget about that bug though. The levels are nicely formed / shaped. Every level is different in setting. And you will get 15 of thoes splended designed levels... Overall the game is just good, and let you relive the moment of an old 2D platformer. Therefor it comes to PC, PSN and XBLA ! Lateron this year we will also get Fez, also a puzzle game but quite different from this one...

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Southpeak Games, Frozenbyte