Preview | Trine
Last weekend the demo of Trine was released for the PC. Immediatly I played it a couple of times. I couldn't let go of the game after I started to play. It was that addictive. It doesn't do something compleetly new, the shape shifting between caracters. But how the game does it is good and the level design is awesome. It has a nice vibe around it self and the game it self is not that hard to master. You get the basics you get one level to try out with all 3 caracters combined and then your ready for the real game ! But that will be released at the end of July / beginning of August. So you will have to wait a bit longer...

The game will be available in stores only for the PC. And for the other 2 platforms it will come to there networks (PSN and XBLA).

August 2009: PC.PS3.X360 | Southpeak Games, Frozenbyte