Review | Tower Bloxx Deluxe
Do you recognize the following setting: you are bored with every game on your pc or console at a certain moment, but want to game afterall ? Well if so try this game: Tower Bloxx Deluxe. It just came out for the Xbox 360 and PC. Personally I find this more fun on the PC (without even playing on the 360). And that because you have to aim very well to hit a high combo. The gameplay is simple, you are a builder in need of work (what a coincedence). And you are signed by a major of some village / city. He gives you the assignment to build enough appartments and working space. So the village will be crowded once more. And so you will need to get to work.
You will start quite basic. With a small tower of 20 blocks. But soon you will need to build and office of 40 blocks. And as soon your succesfull bar will be filled towards the top there is an extra option enabled. Like perfect buildings roof, or even a building hight extansion (so you will need to build 22 instead of a 20 tower). All of this is quite accessable for any kind of player. It may look kiddy but is quite much fun for a couple of minutes !

Out now: PC.X360 | Digital Chocolate, Digital Chocolate