Special | Microsoft Touch Pack

I came formilliar with this piece of software when I was searching for some new gadgets / themes for my Windows 7 desktop but even more so for my laptop. And I already saw some of this a while back, but I couldn't remember it that clearly. So now that I saw it again and tested it on my own HP TX2 Touch Smart laptop I can tell you about my sessions with this software... There are some games in it, that are really taking advantage of the touch screen. But also a 3D map in co-work with BING. And a program to make a personal photo page/album. The games are short but fun the programs are quite handy. You even have a screensaver with fish you can scare away and stuff.

Oh well you can better watch and learn about this package. (Most of the time this package is promoted on a HP TX2 Touch Smart, simply because of the fact that this system is the most compatible for it. I am one of many lucky users to have such an TX2 Touch Smart by HP). I don't know if this package also works on the new Touch Smart laptops, but I think it does. And it will also work on most of the tablets, as long as you run Windows 7 on it.

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