Review | Tomb Raider

This game is the reboot from a long-running franchise. When Crystal Dynamics took over from Core the game was already better. And more people could enjoy it. Except Tomb Raider Anniversary, that one was the odd title in the Crystal Dynamics run. They made the title more open for everyone to play. Gave the graphics a re-paint, etc.

Now they are giving the whole franchise a re-run. To do it all over and better. Every person who plays this title may decide something different after playing this title. But I was amazed how they did it. The graphical engine got another boost. And without being a pervert of some kind. Lara looks more natural. They did something with the engine to make realistic hair. Even when this is sometimes buggy. It gives a more real feel to all of it. You can turn it off tough to give your game-station a bit more frames per second. With that comes an issue. Nvidia can't handle the whole engine from time to time. This is weird, because even when you have an awesome graphical card in your PC. It still has some issues from time to time.
The story is thin but, you can forgive the creators for that. The tention between Lara, the other crew members and the island people is feel-able trough the screen. Altough not every character is displayed well you can live with it. And understand what they wanted to do here. The world is amazing and diverse. From windy roads, winter mountains. Towards a beach, ship wrecks and urban territory.

Last but not least 2 points of concern: If you have quicktimes in games like this you should explain when to expect them and give the buttons a certain goal/option. This is not the case in this part of Tomb Raider (the reboot). For a reboot they could have boost the quicktimes a bit more as well. It would make the game a bit more friendly. Now you get frustrated from time to time. You smash buttons but it doesn't help. From time to time you see the buttons indicated, but also quite often you don't see the buttons displayed, which leaves you with a question mark... They should deff. do this better in the next part of the reboot. Otherwise most of 'us' won't play it. One more concern to look out at (besides the quicktimes). Game-length. I was trough with it in 5 nights and 1 weekend. That is way too short. The last Deus Ex and Hitman were even longer then this one. And then I even did some parts over and over again because of try-and-error and o'course the quicktimes. So they should really work at that. Thankfully I know stores who give the game cheap. But most of you have paid the full 50 or 60 euro's I recon. Stop doing that. And just wait till this game is in the budget trunk. Then this game is worth it. (If you compare game length to money).

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics / Eidos-Montreal