Preview | Tomb Raider

A couple of years ago they already grabbed back at some of the first tomb raiders. With making the anniversary edition of Tomb Raider. This time they really reboot the franchise. Personally a reboot wasn't really necessary. But the fact how Crystal Dynamics does it, is good. They don't go for a complete rebuild. But the story gets a kick. And with the rest they build on what they already achieve when they took over from CORE.

The camera positions are now more or less more controleable. Which makes the game better controleable. The fact that the manor isn't in this game is a tiny bit odd. Most of the games had the manor in it. The negative aspect about it, is that you can't practice your moves. On the other hand it would rip the story apart. Something that isn't really state of the art (the story) but still... The most irritating thing remains in the quick-time-events. I coule cope with them for a long time. But now they are just harsch. Sometimes they won't give you a hint which key to press. Or the system won't react to your key pressing. This makes the game a bit unforgiving which isn't good. You will be smashing your keyboard/controller like a lunatic, which shouldn't be the case. The action sequences around the quick time events it self are cool tough.

The graphics are awesome. Like a Tomb Raider should look like. She looks a bit more realistic now. Dynamic hair and lightning. A re-done face/rest of her body. The boob-guys should go away tough. It's a normal female-like-Lara. Only she does insane moves...

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics / Eidos-Montreal