Preview | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

I was a fan of the first game in this franchise and it seems to be I will continue to be a fan of the franchise. But there are a view things I stood still at while playing this game for the Preview. First there is the obvious thing that you aren't playing in an overhead view anymore. You play in third person style. But you still do alot with the mouse. The whole interface has got his upgrade, but most of the things are still at the same place thankfully. Although you might get confused where some options may have gone to. The overhead view towards third person is something you get used to. The lag of tutorial is a bit weird. Yes you are getting a quick guide on how you fight in the prologue of this part in the franchise. But making potions is something they left out. Besides that the prologue is quite forgiving, although some fights won't be easy.

When you come to the real start of the game: chapter 1. You will see some things from the first installment return. And I am glad with it. Because when this title would be too much Fable-like or any other RPG for that matter then this game would be bad for the franchise. In the town you are arriving in is still a notice board with jobs from locals. You have the pubs and other stores where you can question people and interogate them as well. Also you will see some people from the first game and when you insert a save game from the first title you will get some references to your actions from back then. 'Course there is the default set of caracters. Your lovely Triss for instance and other non-human people you have met in the first game.

Then the rest of the game, the graphics have been stretched to the maximum. The story is as good and maybe even better then the first installment of the franchise. The third person perspective is something you learn to cope with and the depth of the game is awesome. As said earlier this is again a part of the franchise I like, although I thought otherwise when I first started this game. The 360 version of this game will come this first half of the year. The PS3 version is yet to be announced.

Out now: PC, Q2: X360, TBA: PS3 | Atari, CD Projekt