Review | the Sims 3
I never played the first installment of this game. But every part from the 2nd installment till now I did played. Excluded from some expansions and the story games from the Sims. This new installment is not longer coming from the hands of MaXis but from The Sims Studio. Altough Will Wright has worked on this part as well as on the first 2 it's not entirely his product anymore. And Will has also started his own independend studio for making games and other kind of stuff.

It's hard to tell what's better about this game then the last part. But overall it's more free-roaming so less loading times. You can customize more. Do more. And all of this just as quick as before ! But you need quite a good computer for it this time. Besides that there is nothing much I can tell so here is the Review from IGN who gives this game an: 8.9, personally I find that a bit to high. I would give it an 7.8 or 8.0 !

Out now: iPhone.MAC.PC | EA, The Sims Studio