Preview | The Saboteur
It's hard to judge on a game if you haven't played it yet. But sometimes, in case of EA/Pandemic, you can look at the previous games and know that it can only be bad. With the Saboteur I thought: hmm, Pandemic makes Mercenaries. And the last Mercenaries was shit. EA publishes alot of stuff in time but they can also release to early like Need for Speed Shift ! So what will this game be ? The images and footage looked great. And so I think let's give it a try. Thing is they didn't released a demo. So I must wait for my Review copy to fall on my doorstep. Thing is do I want to give it a review ? Because the last product was so terrible, so this can only be more shit. However the footage looks great so I WILL give it a go when the game is here. Till then you must find out yourself...

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Electronic Arts, Pandemic Studios