Review | the Path
Okay first of all this game was already released in March (PC) and at the beginning of May (Mac). And it isn't the game you think it would be. As soon as you start to play it will turn out to be a complete different game. Therefor the game can be cool or un-cool. But that has more to do with personal taste then with the game itself.

The game is messing with you all the way. It gives you objectives for instance, but if you follow these then you will fail every chapter over and over again ! So you will have to find out what you can, every chapter again. It is something that can make you interested in the game or not. That makes it quite impossible to make a good review. The best you could do would be trying out the game before buying it. So if you know someone who has the game or you are lucky that your gamestore has a desk then just play that before you are buying this game.

Verdict: the game let you search every inch of the game world until you drop. The game is graphical not a piece of art or something but it's passable. You can choose between different girls in red. And you are following the basic story of: Little Red Riding Hood. Overall the game is good developed and can let you search for anything and nothing for days / weeks if not months.

Out now: MAC.PC | Tale of Tales, Tale of Tales