Review | STCC, the Game
Altough the game works better with my MS Side Winder Force Feedback wheel then Race07 it is still a bit shabby. You need to brake like hell to make a corner (and this on the novice level of the game). I can not get it, that this game is from the same studio as the GTR series ! Race07 was bad but this game isn't that good as well ! I am still missing my pit crew. The interface is shit ! I can not setup the car the way I want... And more of these small things are making me stressed about it ! Yes it is better then Race07. And yes it has better cars and better support of Force Feedback !!! But the small issues I had with Race07, pits and that kind of stuff are not polished away and that is really bad :(

Hopefully there next (free) game will be better ! This new free game will include the newest Volvo cars... As well as some earlier models this game will be released on the 26th of May so... Last time that SimBin did something like this was with BMW M3 Challenge, with Blimey Games as publisher. I liked that game back then quite a lot. Most of it because it was just before the release (or was it afterwards ?) of GTR2.

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