Preview | STCC, the Game
The game was released last October in the nordic regions on DVD and later on Steam for a worldwide release. Never the less I am just now able to check this game. I would rather see this game in the game shops then on Steam, but that is a personal oppinion. It was released the same time there as we got gtR Evolution in Europe (and beyond). And STCC includes just like gtR Evolution the game Race07 ! And as extra they have included the Camaro Cup and the basis for this game lays in the STCC championship o'course. You will have the opportunity to race the whole 2008 season 'again'. The big difference between the WTCC and the STCC is the inteference of other car makers like: Peugot, Volvo and BMS. And the other car tracks that the STCC has. One thing that is already better in this game in comparisation to Race07 is the force feedback level in this (stand-alone) expansion. It makes the cars better handable. Next weekend I will have the review of this game !

Already on: PC | Atari, SimBin Studios