Review | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
It has been quite a long time I did a full scale Review but for this part of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I will release my 'knowledge'... First of all I need to come back to the 2nd Preview of this game, from last time. I mentioned an emission as an anomaly. That was wrong ! So in the Review I will do it right. Let's start !

INTRO: The game starts with a short summary of what happened till now. But it does it differently then in the first two games. So that's one different out of the way. You are really someone this time. So the real story telling is back. One negative thing about this has to be said. In the first two games the caracters really talked. In this new one most of them talk later then the text is appearing or don't talk at all... So you will have to make up the russian language yourself. Most of the time they say lower your weapon or hi, or even f**k off. So when the intro has finished you will go on your way. You will instantly notice that there aren't as much monsters as in the first two games. But if you see them eventually you will notice they are much stronger now. And you will be warned for this as well. The group that has been getting stronger as well are duty and freedom fighters (and all the shit in between).
MISSIONS: The missions are coming back to one person, thankfully ! No clan-based missions anymore. Altough you will have 1 mission for sure where you have to gather a team together. But your live doesn't depend on them and that's a + ! Overall the missions are deverse again. And you will not get the main missions from one guy, but from more then one. The side mission come quite good in handy as well. Because they will often give you something as reward that you need in a other mission. But even side missions have more then one way to come across your path. Sometimes you will just find them by talking to other people (co-stalkers). The rewards them selve are in the beginning quite low but if you come in the 2nd part of this game they will soon get higher. Big + is that the missions that you get last forever (almost). Other stalkers won't get the same mission. It's almost like they are on holliday. But they are not. You will see most of the time bandits or a small group of stalkers hunting down other people or monsters.
WEAPONS/ARMOR: Weapons and armor are more then ever under influence of customisation. You get them repared, expanded with metal plates. So you will change your equipment less troughout the game. You can store them in boxes in the 3 main bases without concern they are getting stolen. You will find rare weapons and armory in stashes or in bandit camps. The price of buying bullets nor guns nor armor is quite high tough. But the trick with selling them on to others for a higher price is still there. And you will often see the trick in use against you by stalkers from duty or freedom.
VIBE & GRAPHICS: Last but not least the vibe is back from the whole where it left us in the 1st game. I guess BitComposer Games has done the same thing for GSC Game World as what they did for SimBin with there BMW racer ! Motivate them to stick with good idears and throw bad things overboard. Listen to your customers what they have to say. Clear Sky had some nice graphics but the story and vibe didn't catch. This time around it does catch. When an emission strikes you can better run and hide then that you will survive. Because you won't survive and emission !
BUGS, ETC.: There are not many bugs but if I hide from an emission in a log cabin. And a other stalker stays out underneath the entrance of a building. And he survives and I don't I am getting confused ! You can not walk from one part to another part you will have to pay the guide for this now. And then I mean for every travel between the 3 parts of this 3rd installment. And it doesn't come cheap (1000 RU). Not everytime a mission will mark a location on your map. Most of the time by side missions you will just have to search logical for something at a certain spot. The hud display has undergo a transformation that has come out just right. The main mission for you to search for the 5 crashed millitary helicopters gives you a real goal this time in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Overall the game is real good. And looks amazing yet again. Everything that made the original good is back (sometimes in a different way). Or is replaced by something with more logical aspect.

Out now: PC | BitComposer Games, GSC Game World