Preview | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
Yes I know, I should have the Review (altough that was the plan). But, the game is not really what I expected when I readed the Review of IGN. So the Review will have to wait a bit longer. None the less it's better the Clear Sky was. But not for the reasons you think.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a franchise that needs to have it from the vibe and the horrible story around the Chernobyle NPP (Nuclear Power Plant). The 1st game had this in a total overdose. And it was good, sure it was buggy but the story and the effect it had on story telling as a whole was huge ! The vibe of the virtual land it covered was awesome. Every crazy monster they tought off came in the game. Clear Sky (the prologue to the 1st) had the same kind of start. Nice in game start of how the explosion went it's way. And how you were involved in this. But it was more on clan base shooting. And you really needed to have a team goal in the game. Which is to bad, because till today I haven't played this part of the franchise like it should have been. Most of this is caused by the terrible resolution of the game. 1280x1024 Gave the game in the original plenty of overview but in the parts that follow you can better stick to lower. And that's insane. It looks like the game has lost it's technical overview itself when THQ left the building !

Anomaly Incoming As seen on the footage... This next in line part of the game has it tough. And as far as I played the game it starts different. No ingame beginning anymore. But a told story from what has happened till now. It gives you a basic of what is about to happen (sort of). And altough the resolution problem isn't fixed. I am happy this game has finally arrived. It's the name I guess. We have a change to get back to Pripyat. In the 1st game this was the part of the game I liked. It had Red Forest around itself. But it was also Pripyat. The big ferry wheel, the old buildings. The amount of anomalies in the air. And the end of the original game right after that. I hope I can get soon back to that place (in the game I mean). Because that was funny and scary at once...

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