Review | Splinter Cell Blacklist

Caution: This review is not what I expected from myself to write. But it is the truth.

I was looking forward towards the new Splinter Cell. But somehow they have messed it up just like they did for me with Double Agent. And I guess if you are familiar with Splinter Cell you might face the same conclusion. Blacklist is the direct follow up from Conviction but the characters and surrounding doesn't feel like it. Sam was older in Conviction in looks then he is in Blacklist. Victor, who we got to know in Conviction is somehow younger. And Grímsdóttir, or better known as Grim is not the same woman we saw in earlier Splinter Cell's. I always saw Splinter Cell in the next step from Ubisoft on basis of Tom Clancy, to push the other Tom Clancy titels further upwards. But, as said before, this is more like Double Agent. The game runs smooth on my system but when I need to move quickly from one point to another I can feel that it has been made for consoles. So the PC version isn't a PC version at all. Maybe it is a thing they will fix with an update. But I expect from Ubisoft the level of delivery that I can play a game straight away and have some minor issues. This time it's different. It isn't controlable. The graphics are better tough. And Blacklist continues indeed were Conviction left of. But it is not explained why 4th Echelon excists. You don't have a checkpoint loader as well. You can't go back to the main menu to load from there. The system will do that for you...

So all and all it's worse then Conviction. What they did with Conviction then, recall all the designers and start over. That is something they forgot in Blacklist. So I had high hopes for this title. But it isn't meant to be... One thing that is sad about this, is that Tom Clancy (the man himself) is no more on the earth with us... On the 1st of October he died, way to early (66). So what will happen to previously known Red Storm, now a studio from Ubisoft ? Hopefully they will not come up with other title's in his name (other then the titles who are still to come out: the devision, etc.). Like Codemasters Was doing with the Colin titles. Too bad, that such a great writer is gone. The last title I liked was: Ghost Recon Future Soldier. That was just perfect, and still is. But I don't get how Jade Raymond can let this be released (as a producer). Sorry but Blacklist won't get a 9.2 out of 10 from me, IGN!

Already on: PC.PS3.WiiU.X360 | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Toronto