Review | Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

According to IGN this game is only 4 hours long. And contains way too many bugs. Well I am a person who plays alot of shooters. Anything from Doom trough Duke Nukem and ending up in Bioshock, STALKER and Rage. So I kind-off know if they are telling the truth. Okay the game is short. But on easy it's still around 10 hours. depending how long you play non-stop...

So why this massive difference in gaming hours between IGN and me ? Well honoustly I don't know. Maybe they played the game very fast and without playing the game like it should have been playing. Every gamers knows this kind of gamers. The gamer who rushes trough a level, skipping everything he can skip, taking the highway instead of the shortcuts as well. Only playing the main thing and no going off the pre-difined path. These players could complete there whole GTA in a couple of hours. While the normal/100% completing gamer took hours for it.

So is the story from IGN based on rushing only ? Well no, some points they describe are correct. You lose your sniper rifle, but then you still have your knife and sidearm. So you're never without weapons. Like it's the case in Splinter Cell Conviction for instance... The bugs, yes they're there but not as many as in for example Red Faction or Prince of Persia or any other title. The game is based upon Cry Engine 3 for all the graphics of it. And that isn't bad as you may know... But sometimes you get stuck behind a wall or so. A thing that IGN didn't mention tough is the fact that from time to time you need to let down your sniper instinct and just shoot everybody with the sidearm. And on the sidearm you don't have a crosshair.

So yes IGN: The story is thin, the game is somewhat easy on easy. The twisting plot is fairly clear in the middle of the game. The game has still a little amount of missions devided over 3 act's. But ! the thing about easy is somewhat debateable. I mean how many times don't you hear that a difficult game is to difficult for the 'new' players. Well this game takes that note, and did something with it. I can't say the same for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, STALKER or Rage. These are games that can be manageable but are still hard to understand for some players. If you want a sniper game that is hard on you go play something else.. Go play Commandos with only the sniper for an instance.

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