Review | Shadow Warrior

This game seemed to be a great remake from the original Shadow Warrior. Altough I have never really played the old version, I know it pretty well from friends who had the experience of playing it. Thing is, the remake of Duke Nukem (Forever) came way too late, to be exciting. And when it came out it was just horrible... This has been done better, you can tell. The graphics are really from today's era. I am really looking forward for this game release on the next gen consoles for that particulair reason. And the fact that is still as bloody as then really helps for the game / the vibe. The random monsters / ninja's are quiete easy to beat with the Katana, altough gun-blazin' through them is also fun to do / watch. The bigger pieces / the level-end-boss is gun only most of the time. You can try Katana but then you have quiete alot try-and-error.

The level-end-boss is also a point of interest for this Review. Because graphics, level design is fine and combat has been worked on in a fair amount of time... We can adjust our focus to the level-end-boss(es). When they come onto the scene, it becomes quiete a chaos on the screen. Which isn't good. Because besides the end boss you have also some other troops coming in. And that makes it hard and totally out of control. Which is weird, because this game and other remakes from this genre are well known to the fact: how do we make a good end boss battle.

One thing I couldn't experience because of the end boss thing, were the powers (not fully that is). They seem to come in handy, and some I used. But the really big powers where still not unlocked when I dropped the game. Besides that I really like the game. Not as much as IGN (they gave it 8.6 out of 10.0). But it is solid fun. The next gen's have to wait a bit more. Somewhere in 2014 is still possible with this developer...

Already on: PC, TBA: PS4.XOne | Devolver Digital, Flying Wild Hog