Review | Saints Row 2
I already gave the warning last weekend... But I will give it again to the view people that didn't listen ! The PC version of Saints Row 2 needs some serious fixing in the form of patches and that sort of stuff. Therefor the review will be shorter then I thought as well.

The game still has it's solid points. But besides that it's also has it's weak points still in the pocket. What this game needed to be was: a solid not brilliant looking, but in theory a good game on gameplay basis. And it still is, but it isn't playable like it should. The port from consoles to the PC has gone terribly wrong. And this you can notice trough the engine flaws. A huge framedrop every minute. Pop-ups of building, were you thought that the PC would let that behind. And it really makes the game unplayable.

As irritated as I was, I kept on playing for a couple of hours. And found out that the game still has it charms, unlike Grand Theft Auto ! When you throw some pedestrians for an upcoming bus or high speed car it really brings that smile upon your face. If you get the side mission of causing as much chaos as you can with in time limit... It really gives you an overwelming feeling of the fact: that you are in control during the whole game.

You decide what to do, you do the missions in the order you want to. You get... BORED when you want to. Because that is what happens after a while. And not because Saints Row 2 is a bad game, hell no... it is the engine that is not coming to it's full use on the PC, and that's a shame !!!

Out now: PC, Already on: PS3.X360 | THQ, Volition Inc