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This movie is great even for non-f1-fanatics ! This is what I read about it before I watched it, and I agree. Although some might find it still a bit boring. Most of the world already saw it, I saw it last weekend (one of the last days it ran overhere in The Netherlands). But 3 more country's will need to see it. So I won't spoil much. Just like Pacific Rim, Rush is also made up out of actors who don't have the A label. Except for Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth (Tohr, The Avengers). And in an era of 3D movies ruling the land, this movie keeps it simple and flat. The story it is based on: the battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda is well displayed. And the scenes on but also off track are brought on film like it should. And not only the film critics have a good word for this movie. But also the F1 journalists and websites across the globe. But this isn't a movie like Senna - Beyond the Speed of Sound, from 2011. But a real movie. Where the story is filmed again. With different people. The details about the story are more or less a spoiler for the movie. So I won't tell them. But they are displayed in the movie like it should. The race feel to this movie is also well done. And sometimes I didn't had the idear I was watching a movie but a race. Where the Senna movie was a documentary this is a story re-captured in a movie. Well done !

Estonia, Lithuania, Japan: Dec. 2013 - Febr. 2014 | Exclusive Media Group, Cross Creek Pictures