Review | Resident Evil 5
At the end of September the game went in stores. And now today it came out of my screen. I played it before earlier this year. When the demo got out on the Xbox 360. And back then it wasn't really my game. Now that it's on PC, and I know the controls better it's more my game. Although it's still pretty weird at some moments in and outside the game.

Personally I didn't see many Reviews of this game. So I will try to be as compleet as I can be, even so when I only started this morning with the game. First of all let's clear out the negative things about this game: The camera angle is sometimes too much focused on Shava (your female partner). And this causes sometimes the lag of overview you need, when things get massive. Next is the fact that you need to stand still to aim. Every cinematic you see with gun is the opposite of what you can / can't do in the game. In the cinematic they are walking and simultaniously aiming the gun like cops. But in the game you have to stand still. (Thank god, no auto-aim). And sometimes Shava gets in the way. If you want to pick up bullets and you are just a bit too late. You will need to let them handed over. But you can only hand over the whole set of ammo. So thank god after a couple of pieces of land (fictional Africa) You will let her have the shit weapons and you can have the ammo and guns you want. This is really the first time in quite a while I have difficulties with my co-AI. And that is really bad, because it can workout so beautifull. (Look at Prince of Persia for instance, yes I know - no shooter).

Then the good parts. Well the action and the AI of the monsters. These zombies are real zombies. Sometimes there reaction time is a bit slow but overall they will get after you no matter what you are throwing at them. They are not so smart besides explosives / explosives barrels tough. And thats a shame. But also good. Otherwise it would be too hard. The enemies are diverse, both in kind and in weapons they are holding / using. The graphics are quite good. altough I find it a bit to brown and gray. But ey it's a horror game. The weapons are well balanced. It's not a run and shoot all the way. Sometimes you have to be carefull with the bullets. And don't forget the small-time bosses. They are quite strong and eat alot of bullets. Or they need a good flaming pit. Because some of them you can't take out with bullets alone.

Overall the game is good, so I ordered it (2nd hand). For the achievements and stuff. Cause this game has Games for Windows Live ! Unlike some of the other games out there. I will give the game a fair 7.7

Out now: PC, Already on: PS3.X360 | Capcom, Capcom