Preview | Red Alert 3
Unfortantly for the best known serie from EA, I'm done with it ! It was fun till: C&C Generals, you would almost forget that C&C is still the lead title of the game series. Anyway the game; I played the demo for a while and I almost got immediatly bored. You still can't decided for your own good, how much you need to zoom in / nor out. And that is really annoing. I want to have overview on my battleground. I don't have to get 1000 miles above the ground... But still, the camera is so deep onto the action you can't see the surrounding. Maybe that is what it gives the game it's diff. setting but I don't see it. Overall the game looks good, and is better in unit balance then it was in: C&C 3 Tiberium Wars. Never the less the game isn't getting my attention and with me there are more players who feel the same. I guess if you love everything about the series till now, you won't mind. But if you loved it till a certain point, you may want to let this part R.I.P.

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | EA, EA Los Angeles