Review | Rage (Anarchy Edition)

For the first time the Tech 5 engine from Id Software is used in a shooter game. For the first time Id Software is using a free-roaming world as basis for a shooter. For the first time there is this small piece of RPG elements about an Id Software shooter.

+ POINTS: The shooter in an open world / rpg shooter which means you will decide which weapons you use, which type of bullets you use. And how many of these bullets you have. This means that this particular shooter is back in range when it comes to run and shoot. Which was quite often the brand-mark for Id games ! The types of bullets make it much more fun. But also quite tricky, should I use these or those bullets for this particular situation. To know this, you should try different things, otherwise you won't know. There is enough missions to do, things to explore (before the game comes with it). Which makes the open world a positiv thing instead of a negativ thing. Like Fallout 3 was for me, and others. (Okay some didn't have a problem but others did, keep that in mind). The looks off the game are not all gray and brown, they put some effort in this game to get in some colors as well. The story is not much, but hey it's a shooter eitherway. No matter if there is an open world or not. So I won't describe the story, you need to hear it in game. And otherwise there are enough sites who describe the story for you. The style of the game is also quite nice, and brings a positiv aspect to the looks of the game. It's a bit like some steampunk / alternative genre. Which means also a bit more color. But besides that, it gives the game it's own vibe.

- POINTS: The background that is rendered by the engine sometimes lack of sharpness/detail. This will not always be picked up by your gaming eye, because it will focus on the matter in sight (first person sight). But sometimes you will notice it, none the less. Melee/bash with your weapon of choice, is a bit low in power. Okay it shouldn't be your first defence. But when you need it, when you get overwelmed by enemy's you should be able to trust on it. Well you can't ectually. Too bad, Id know's how it should be done (Doom 3).

DOUBTFULL POINTS: Mini-games. You can't evade them it seems, in modern times. None the less it's good they are in this game otherwise the open world thing would be a disaster. Sometimes enemy's are stupid, but on the other hand they are sometimes bulletproof (it seems). The story could have had a bit more depth, if I look into caracthers that I see wondering around. Multiplayer exists only in racing terms. Besides that there is online co-op. For some this is enough, others would like to see deathmatch. Maybe the updates for this game will bring these modes in place. Who knows...

Already on: MAC.PC.PS3.X360 | Bethesda Softworks, Id Software