Preview | Q.U.B.E.

Quote by IGN:"Q.U.B.E.'s visual style and gameplay elements are very reminiscent of Valve's Portal. But is it just as fun?"

Simply answered: it depends on which expect you liked about Portal. If you liked the fact that you needed to think on your own to find a way out. And liked the humor of Portal, you should stick with that. If you like puzzle games in general. Or that you like the fact you can influence the world then Q.U.B.E. is also a game for you. Personally I like Portal more.

The difference between Portal and Q.U.B.E. is as following: In Q.U.B.E. you just simply need to see where the path is going and how to come to your end-goal. But the path is already there. You just have to use the QUBE's in the right way. The qube's have different aspects, one to bounce up and down. And an other to just pull or push blocks in to a wall to make a staircase. Besides that the world is just simply white. Nothing more. And the caracther doesn't say a word.

16.12.11: PC | Toxic Games, Toxic Games