Review | Prototype
It took me a bit longer then usual to put together a Review about a game. Although Overlord 2 will come next week, if all goes well... So that game will also be quite late. Never the less Prototype is quite a good end-product. Okay I admit it's not that great. It isn't a Grand Theft Auto kind off game. It's more like Crackdown when it came out and it's better then InFamous I here from PS3 owners. And let's put a side the facts immediatly: it runs well on machines from 2 years old (if you have the PC version). The only thing I have it a cracky sound but overall I can run it without any big problems.

The game itself know's how to keep you interested. Although IGN said you will get bored because you know this type of missions that you'll get already, I was quite suprised about the ammount of missions till so far. It has 31 story missions and then you'll have the sub-missions. Some of them are connected to the story missions. So for instance you can't go further with the story unless you have a certain skill. And this you will only get by or FreeRoam alot or by doing some kind off sub-mission. Never the less the game doesn't force you in anything stupid. And it's not as repeating as some game sites tell you. You don't have every power from the beginning. And you need to upgrade every power troughout the game to have the full Alex Mercer.

All the powers are quite well balanced. Some powers can tear a part a chopper better then other powers. It's not really like you can only kill or destroy a certain object / enemy with one power but when you get that many enemy's behind you it's quite good to know that one power will do the job brilliantly ! Overall this game is good. I wouldn't recommend it as full price game though. Radical Entertainment made also Scarface: the World is Yours back then under the hood of Sierra. but it's from the same quallity as Prototype. And so it's a budget game. UNFORTANTLY !

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Activision, Radical Entertainment