Preview | Prototype
The game was hyped already last year, after that it went a bit downhill and now since the beginning of this year it makes his return on the hyping wall of fame (if something like that exists). To be honoust I liked this game already from the beginning. The developer let the people already taste the game when it was on 20% of the finishing product, so that would be a alpha-beta or even pre-alpha. The traffic back then was repetetive but the engine was already in full glory (as far as that goes on 20% of the game). The last week or 2 the developer / publisher made a lot clear about how the game unfolts and that is a good thing. Don't start to early with that as developer but don't be to late with it either. Below you will find the cinematic opening of the game. At first I thought just like you: Wait a minute I saw this already 2 weeks ago, but they sticked a second (new) piece after 1,5 minute !

June 2009: PC.PS3.X360 | Activision, Radical Entertainment