Special | Portal 2

Should it be a Preview or a Review ? I couldn't decide. So I did what seems to fit best: Special. Because that is what the game still is: special. And besides Preview wouldn't be in place. Because I already played the game trough in 3 days time ! That is one down side, and maybe even the only down side. It's way longer then the first installment (which was a test from Valve to see if we would like this kind of game). But still 3 days and you have finished the game... Worth mentioning: how long can you keep a game like this going in one single installment ? You can't make it too long because then people will get bored or feel irritated by something they liked at first !

First some facts, because I don't want to spoiler 'big time' overhere. You will start where you left in the first game. Still on the factory ground of Aperture Laboratories. Next thing in line is get back in there and try to rebuild that what is destroyed. Not all by yourself offcourse... So that's one part of the game. Getting back into the deserted place of Aperture Laboratories. Second part is about the history of Aperture. How did it all start, who was the founder. What made you kill GladOS (the mastermind-computer-mainframe in the game) in the first game and how did she came to life ? Well, it started as Aperture Fixes in 1943. Won several awards because of the 'things' they did, in 1944 the place for the vacility came at hand (what kind of place/vacility is for you to figure out). With that Aperture Science Innovators started. You will see the company evaluate trough the 60's, 70's and 80's. And 'meet' the founder: Cave Johnson... (whoops almost a spoiler). In 1970 it changed name into Aperture. Third and last part of the game is under the name of: Wheatley Laboratories. Here you will find the new things you can test with etc...

Well I hopefully didn't spoiler too much for you... ;) The complete game is 10 chapters long, with each a fair amount of testing chambers/rooms. You will get some nice suprises/twists. Some of them I didn't even saw coming. Which is quiet bizarre, the chambers are even more different from one and other then in the first installment. On one hand you have the easy puzzles and on the other hand the difficult ones. And some are difficult because you don't think natural anymore after a couple of simple or hard one's.

Personally I liked the history part of the game. All these chambers are basicly in the open. You can free-look around in there... Which is nice. You don't have to. But it can suck you, real deep, into the game. Overall I had fun and wonder if a 3rd installment will be released after seeing the end of the game. I sure hope so, I can come up with a few new idears myself if I am honoust. Oh yes one more thing to mention (sort-of-spoiler): in the first part of the game you will see all these turrets and stuff being put together and tested. Loved that as well...

Out now: MAC.PC.PS3.X360 | Valve, Valve