Review | Plants Vs. Zombies

The game was already on the PC and MAC. And since last month it's also on X360 Arcade. Next is the Nintendo DS, so I was curious if it was any good. So I first played it on the Xbox360 and now on the PC. The versions ain't different. The controls however a bit. And I am sorry to say but on the console I like it better. The DS version won't be any different as well I think. So what is your goal in the game ? Well, you have a front and backyard. And during the whole 24 hours (or even longer). Your house will be under attack of zombies. If you beat them you will get new plants to armor yourself against them. Or they even leave notes behind. And they will be back every level...
The zombies are diverse. The plants as well. The levels not that much. And you even have mini-games in between the main story. And that from a company that normally doesn't make zombie games. It's good.

Already on: PC.MAC, Out now: X360, January 2011: NDS | PopCap Games, PopCap Games