Review | Peggle
You can put Peggle in the same line as Zuma, Bubble Bugs and the old pc game Puzzle Bobble. Only Peggle has his own reputation to maintain. This game is quite old already and the PC even got an addition to Peggle: Peggle Nights (which will be also coming to the Xbox 360). None the less. Peggle is a very addictive game. You can spent hours on this game. And even when it doesn't go as planned and you need to restart a level or 2, it's not a total turn down. You won't get totally frustrated about it. And why ? Because it ain't taking away any lives from you when you need to restart. You only don't get as much points as when you would make it in one go.
Overall this game has a really good replay and 'easy pick up again' value. Maybe this ain't a game for many hours in a row. But every now and then a couple of minutes and you will feel great afterwards. Even the Iphone, Nintendo DS and PS3 are getting there version. (NDS is out now, PS3 version is missing and Iphone version was released 2 years ago...)

Already on: PC.X360 | PopCap Games, PopCap Games