Special | PC Games in 2014

The year 2014 is already on the way for a bit over a month. But still I wanted to do this list. And so I will do the list. Based on PC Gamer as source... So below you will find THE games for 2014 (for the PC, basicly).

TOM CLANCY'S: THE DIVISION (TBA) | A game which will be released when it is finished. We already saw the Snow engine. An Engine which could do alot in the the near future as well. Maybe as big as the inhouse engine from Rockstar or some other studio like the guys behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Survarium. I am really curious about the tablet players who can join the action.
WATCH DOGS (SPRING 2014) | A game that can be really big or a total bommer. It depends on how they are proceding with the development and the publish aspect of the game. I hope it can be another Assassins Creed like franchise. But then without the side effect.
GRAND THEFT AUTO V (MARCH ? 2014) | They say the PC version of this game will come mid March of this year. I really hope so. Because PC gamers (including me) are waiting for this game, real bad.
MIRROR'S EDGE 2 (TBA) | I want to give this game another change. I really do. Hopefully EA can make this installment better. Remember Me did already better then Mirror's Edge, hopefully part 2 can pull the gamers back to EA's title.
DEUS EX: UNIVERSE (TBA) | The follow up on Human Revolution. Which is a real marvelous part in the franchise. Played by many. Still looking good.
DYING LIGHT (2014) | A zombie game which is different. Zombies can be frighting during day time. But did you ever saw them during the night ? Well you don't want to after this game...
GHOST IN THE SHELL: STANDALONE COMPLEX (TBA 2014) | Fans and critics and journalist want this game real bad. And from time to time they speak about it. Let's hope it will come or better yet officially announced. And that it will be good. Because it would make a good action title.
YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z (FEBRUARY 2014) | A shell shaded version of Ninja Gaiden. With a different lead-character. It can be total dull or total awesome. It will come out soon. So then we will know.
THIEF (2014) | The remake everyone is looking forward to, after the well done remake from Hitman.
MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT (SUMMER 2014) | Last gaming-shows there was already much to do about this game. You are murdered but still trying to help the local law enforcement. Hopefully the gameplay works out well.
TITANFALL (MARCH 2014) | See the following link for the information: PC GAMER, Alpha footage.
SURVARIUM (TBA 2014) | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 never came. And the people from the original studio went on making this title. With even a co-op mode in it. It has to be BIG !
STRIDER (2014) | A remake from a very old sidescrolling game. I was hooked on the 2D sidescroller version of this game. Hopefully the remake will be entertaining as well.
THE CREW (WINTER 2014 ?) | Just like The Division, I am very curious about this racing title with multi-platform support.
SNOW (TBA 2014) | Now this is something I would love to own. A real cool winter game where you can Ski and Snowboard. And just have fun and do tricks. Do whatever you want basicly because it's about exploring. It's already on Steam as an early access. But beside that there is not much to tell.
CARMAGEDDON: REINCARNATION (SUMMER 2014) | A title which is funded by the gamers and organisations which want to see it published. I can't wait either.
THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT (WINTER 2014) | I am just curious how this title will be after the disasterous 2nd installment on PC. On consoles it was pretty good I hear.
THE SIMS 4 (SPRING 2014 ?) | All be it because part 3 will then finally be cheaper.
KINGDOM UNDER FIRE II (SUMMER OR WINTER 2014) | This game is already in development since 2008. And I published it often short or big on this website. It's bound to come out early this year in Korea before it's open for the rest of the world. Some sources expect a down fall. Others are expecting a huge hype. Hopefully it will be the last option.