Review | PayDay: the Heist

Because Steam had a free to play period for this game I felt the urge to review it as well. So here it is... The game was already released since mid-october 2011. But now I had the time and the motive to do a review about it! The game itself is not totally unique in it's work. Kane & Lynch did it before (and in my opinion better). The way you do your theft missions on the other hand is. It's not a matter of escaping some place after braking in. It's a whole plan that must be made. Although the game is very thin on this aspect (which is a bit of a shame to be honoust)! But you still need to think about it, how you will brake in and get out very quickly. Or what's the need to take hostages and to keep them hostage. Or how you can keep an area under your control..

Most of these things are handled automaticly. But the real control of the scene is up to you. This works better in Multiplayer then in Singleplayer. Because then you can really depend on each other work. And then you really fine tune the whole job. With the computer AI it's not that simple. Most of the work will be done by the AI, and pretty good as well. But as long as there is only one real player in between you get the feeling; you are doing most of the job. This isn't a bad thing. Some players prefer to keep the matter in hand. But the AI could have been better.

None the less most of the negative Singleplayer points can be forgotten or overlooked because this is more a Multiplayer game. And that is actually quite a big problem with games who are more Multiplayer then Singleplayer. Because most of the time the Singleplayer aspect of a game will be then overlooked or even forgotten. Which results in a matter of 50/50 work on the Singleplayer campaign. Eitherway this game isn't that bad as the example I make but you may want to keep that in mind if you want to buy this game...

October 2011: PC.PS3 | Sony Online Entertainment, Overkill Software