Review | Overlord 2
Hurray I have made it, to put the review up in time. Last friday the game went europe-wide in stores so I am quite on time I say... Anyway Overlord 2 is not bad and not good. The thing with Code Masters is they are publishing games with great potential but when it's time to drop it in to the stores the game doesn't get it done like they were supposed to be. And in most cases that's really sad. And Overlord 2 is no exception to that rule !

Good we have set the tone... The games brings some funny aditions to his follow up darker darkness, and I am thankfully for that. For instance you will sometimes come across a statue who makes it possible to gather 15 minnions around it and become the one you have placed on top of that statue. The teleports have got an update, you can now re-generate your life and mana by standing besides it. And the game itself got an overall boost as well. It's looking more colorfull then the first part. And the minnions themself have also got a nice new detail-update upon them.

Never the less the camera is still sometimes an issue. And the humor is sometimes very low and below the belt. And the voice acting becomes repetetive and annoing @ some point. However they gave us some great new additions to this new part. And therefor you can only respect Triumph Studios. Codemasters on the other hand should lookout better for there titles. Because as said Overlord 2 had many potential this time. But between RC (Release Candidate) and release in store something went wrong. Or they didn't re-check everything again. Or there time was up to fix some couple of small issues. Oh well never the less this game will cash in better then 1 !

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Codemasters, Triumph Studios