Review | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Too bad that sometimes Codemasters are hitting besides the brain. So that the the intelligence won't fly straight up. Because in the case of Operation Flashpoint they hit besides the brain. The game is letting you believe you have absolute freedom during the mission. And in someway you have. You can let the the surface to air missiles perfectly active and still get away in the helicopter untouched.

I hoped for a good solid army shooter in modern setting, just until the next Call of Duty will appear at the start of November. But I guess we will have to wait for that. Cause this game isn't any good. It's like Brothers in Arms from Gearbox. It can be good but it ain't. Aiming is like hitting a fire match from too far away. The graphics are way below an acceptable level. And the team mates are just to intelligent or too stupid during a mission. I would have hoped too put on more about this game on here. But instead of that I will put up the Review from Gametrailers. This will explain the rest. As is it good or not.

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Codemasters, Codemasters