Preview | Need For Speed: World

Another free to download, free to play game from EA. After the succes of Battlefield Heroes, the company must have thought which other game series can we put online. They came to the conclusion that Need for Speed must have that honour as 2nd. Too bad for them people see trough this strategy after they played Battlefield Heroes for some hours. It's free alright. But not for long. If you game to come further or to be competetive: you can't escape the fact that you need to pay money for the extra upgrades / vehicles. This was the case in Battlefield Heroes with weapons and outfits and is now also the case in this game. It makes me sick. Don't advertise with free to play. Unless it's absolutely free to play. You don't play a game because it says it's free and in the end it ain't. Because you will be stuck at the bottom of the time table list. And gamers don't like that.

EA think's that everybody is World of Warcraft pay-nerd. Well not me, or some other people I know. It would have been reasonable if they did the same thing as for Battlefield Heroes. Put a cartoon looking layer over it. But they didn't. It's the same look as always. I will play / try it for one reason only: it's Need for Speed, and I always liked Need for Speed until they turned left instead of right !

Out now: PC | Electronic Arts, EA Black Box