Review | NFS Undercover
First of all I want to make clear that I am a fan of the series. But somewere, somehow, things got terribly wrong... I am playing Need for Speed (NFS) since part II (2nd Edition). And during the whole evaluation of the game: in cars and looks it came to a certain point were the serie lost my attention. Everything till Underground was good. Underground 2 made a mistake, in being to easy. Most Wanted made-up for it lateron but still; you could feel that the series wer going to END ! After Most Wanted, Carbon tried to get the series back on top... but not good enough. Sure there were some people who loved it, but people who were there since the beginning of NFS were tired of it. ProStreet made it even worse. Smoking effects and Cars that could brake down. Now it is time for Undercover, and it should be a next Most Wanted but better. EA appologized for the loss of motivation that they had in NFS.
Sadly for them it's noticeable in the series since the release of Most Wanted for the most of us. I really liked to see the series back on top. But it isn't going to happen with this one ! I played a for a couple of minutes and I just got instantly bored with the game. It has an open world just like Most Wanted but it doesn't do anything with it. The races them self are horrible, you are racing a fully closed course without much traffic. It isn't a Need for Speed anymore... Burnout Paradise does it better in the race scene. Even Midnight Club wins from this title. And that one is still doing the same as in Midnight Club 3 actually.

Overall I won't say much about this game. Because it isn't worth it actually. If you see what IGN gives for this game, it's terrifing. Never ever was the judgement so low on a NFS title. And personally I would find it better if EA were honoust to them selve, and cut this game down. The title must not suffer this much under commercial influences. See the review from GameTrailers to judge for yourself.

Out now: MULTI | EA, Black Box