Review | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

When will EA finally get it ? Need for Speed is over ! Try to come up with something else. We all thought with Shift it will bounce back, it did: 1 lap ! They even game with an online not-so-free game (exclusive for PC). Now they come with a title in co-work with Criterion Games. The men behind the succesfull Burnout Series. Will this be it then. Can we finally say those famous words again ? Yes we can (not an immitation off Obama) ! 1...2...3...

I have a Need for Speed ! It seems like the Need for Speed series always need a Hot Pursuit part to bounce back to it's glory. Need for Speed 3 did it for the first time after a odd start (the difference between NFS 1 and 2). With that the first Hot Pursuit came, and it was good. With a state of the art unlockable in the shapes of the El Nino... Then a couple of other title came. But when they released the 5th installment they were getting sad faces. Why make a game totally based upon Porsche ? That's the same as a game totally based on Ferrari ! So NFS Hot Pursuit 2 came. And tada, yet another safer. Police where much stronger. Cars faster and the graphics where better (new engine). After that we had the Underground parts (both were good). Most Wanted (together with HP2 the best so far). But Carbon made it bad. ProStreet made it even worse ! Don't focus on smoke animations EA !!! Because the rest of the race game was crap. Undercover was even worse, they tried to re-do Most Wanted with it (unnecessary)... After this it would become better. NFS would become a 2 year project. Every year a NFS game but the team working on the parts would get 2 years ! NFS Shift was the first product to been released in this new schedule. With succes, but not the succes EA had hoped for. NFS World was a game in between ! Now we have: NFS Hot Pursuit (2010 version). Don't know why they didn't call it Hot Pursuit 3, would make sense. (The third time Hot Pursuit must fix our errors, sorry guys).

It has some new features. Just like in the online World-game you have extra powers. They need a cool down period in Hot Pursuit (so not collectible during race, on track). With the bounty you drive during a race you will level up, unlock cars, unlock car classes etc. The same on the police side. Finally you can ask back-up yourself, at the times you want them to come. The powers will also level up during the career. There is a whole social EA / Need for Speed system linked onto the game. Post your quickest time on a track. Let the rest of your mates beet that, and be competetive ! Make photo's of big shunts and stuff like that. The AI is good, it also makes mistakes. It can do everything that you can, but not more. The different types of racing is also nice. Time trials, point to point races, preview races, duels and hot pursuit. (Police side:) Preview, hot pursuit, interceptor and rapid response. All of this in Seacrest Country, and all of the events are entered by a selection of the race on the map. Not during free roaming. You can still do free roam, test the cars on different grounds. and that sort of things but it's an addition and not the main goal to free roam. Which is good. You even level up during online play ! Has EA finally got it back ? (In cooperation with Criterion Games) it would be time ! I am down with Need for Speed again. And I was quite sceptic about it before playing it. But that was gone after a couple of races !

EA / Criterion Games. Thanks for publishing / developing a good Need for Speed again ! Oh and they give a first look upon NFS Shift 2. Don't make that game EA. Hot Pursuit is fine, make another Most Wanted instead. Or try to make a different Need for Speed this time. Pure arcade racing without police but diferse !

Out now: Multi | EA, Criterion Games