Review | Need for Speed: Shift
Okay, so last week I had the Preview this week I have more or less the Review version of this game. I say that because I have not played the game as far as I thought I would have by now. None the less I can give you a quite good verdict about this game. (Because I played Need for Speed before).
Lets start with a big down point in the game (especially for the PC version). The games comes into stores without integrated mouse control in the menu's. So you will have to work with the keys as far as this goes. However EA already released a patch so that should work. But I am doing reviews on basis of whats in stores and not on what comes out lateron trough the online services... Besides that you have to save every configuration change you make by yourself! How old-fashioned is that ? I mean common, sure they may have deadlines. And some things just didn't worked out or are not finished. But at least make the experience of controlling the game and configirution solid. Because I can move myself past a glitch or bugs but not past controls that are un-finished !

Now let's come to the good part. Need for Speed is about solid racing again. And where ProStreet was more or less more about the special effects then about the racing. Need for Speed 3 had racing and city trips in one... And even one of the two undergrounds had somekind of circuit racing in it... And that is exactly where I was waiting for somehow. Just take a step back, and get focused on what Need for Speed was about: drive exotic and fast cars on tracks that are most of the time to narrow to drive a race on.
Too bad tough that the race experience it self, of speed is focused upon in car view and bonnet view. If you have the rearcar-cam then the sense of speed is lot less / none. In this new part the game is also going back to the more realistic touch to the game. Less arcade and more real racing. Too bad you can't customize the hardness of the game. Because easy is too easy. The AI will let you pass way to easy on the easy mode. But on Normal the steer assist and brake assist go on low. And if you choose custom handling you still can't change the level of steer and brake assist independent!

So last week I said 7.5 or a 8 for this game. In-stead of a 9 that this game is getting everywhere, where EA pay's. But I will stick to the 7.5 @ this moment.

Out now: PC.PS3.PSP.X360 | EA, Slightly Mad Studios