Preview | Need for Speed: Shift
After Most Wanted came out, the Need for Speed series went on a route down into the sewers. With games like: Carbon, Prostreet and Undercover it just wasn't THE Need for Speed most of the gamers knew. For me Need for Speed Underground (1) and Most Wanted where the last 2 titles I had really fun with. Underground 2 was way too easy. I did try the last 3 parts (demo) but they were never good enough to go for the full game.
This time it's different tough. The game goes back to the roots / prostreet, with only circuit driving. But unlike prostreet it's more realistic. This is more or less because of the publisher for this new part in the series: Slightly Mad Studios. They were partly involved in the GTR series for the PC, and so they were a good match for what EA had in mind with this new part. The game has not became to realistic, but at the other hand it didn't hold on to the arcade feeling as well. It's more or less 50/50 now. Or like most of you would like to call it: just like GRID. This automaticly means that driving on the PC must happen now with the steering wheel. You can still drive with keyboard, but then you don't have the control over the vehicle as it is intended to. And you won't survive long.

Overall the game looks great again. And there is finally some more damage possible again. The only bad point I have about this is the following thing: in the last couple of parts you had an action camera for the jumps and that sort of stuff. In Shift this camera angle is missing. What is too bad, cause it could have made it more exciting. Instead of that you get the feeling you will be bounced away from the wall / wheel barrier... And then there is one more negative thing to point out: the feeling of speed is only in cockpit-view really there. When you are driving on the bonnet of the car. Or if you are pointing above the car you won't get the sense of speed you want to have.
For next week I have the Review version in schedule, so hopefully I can give you the Review of this game then. Till so far I want to add: on IGN and the Magazines for Xbox and Playstation the game is getting a 9 out of 10. In my oppinion that's a bit too much. It's true the game is better, and it lifts the series back up. But until the series is back on the top; it is still a long way. So till so far, I would give the game between a 7.5 and a 8 out of 10 !

Out now: PC.PS3.PSP.X360 | EA, Slightly Mad Studios