Preview | Need for Speed: Rivals

So last week I had the special about the previous two installments of Need for Speed, before Rivals. This week it's time for Rivals. This is the first installment in the next era of Need for Speed's. For the fans known as the 4th Gen. So where Criterion did Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. And where BlackBox did The Run. It is now still the turn of Criterion together with a new studio on the NFS scene: Ghost. They are from Sweden, previously known under the name: EA Gothenburg. It's there first game as a developer. And more will follow I recon. EA made a good decision taking these guys on the NFS train.

There are some flaws however, and they need to be described... Where The Run had also slightly this problem, Rivals has the problem alot more. When you go to the map, or easydrive you loose control of time, and so also your vehicle. So the quick access system they introduced in Most Wanted is a bit useless. If you have a quick access you still want to play one, or at least drive your vehicle. But in Rivals this has became too dificult. Well don't use it then you say ? Well that's the point, the idear behind is. That is good, but in Most Wanted I didn't use it that much. And now in Rivals it has become a PAIN in the ***. Moving on, the cop chases are better then in Most Wanted. And you can trick opponents and cops into there own traps. The racing is bloody fast, just like in The Run. The custom'ing is brought back to the essential things. And the race modes are back to basics / keep it simple.

So besides the quick access there is nothing wrong with the game ? Well no, wrong. There is one more thing. Unlike other games. Rivals is pretty harsh on the PC gamers. When you have a 64bit system it really wants you to use the 64bit launcher. The same goes for a 86bit system. This has been done before on PC, but this time it is quiete harsh on the gamer. Therefore I couldn't do a full review on the game. Which is kind off dumb. None the less this new title in the franchise. And with that also the first in the 4th generation mixes up the level design of Hot Pursuit 2. The cop chase of Hot Pursuit 2 and Most Wanted. And the speed-feel from the Run. You play as cop or racer. And the way this has been done, threw me back to Hot Pursuit 2, where this was nicely done.

So this is a good attempt. It could have been better. But none the less a start of the 4th Gen. Where EA can be proud off. Keep it up people !

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