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You might not have heared about this game just jet, so I will make it clear to you what kind of game it is. I played the demo last week and I was quite suprised of what they made at Farm51. It's a combination of Painkiller and Wolfenstein it seems... Painkiller because of the demons and zombies that are in the game. Wolfenstein because of the german taste that surrounds the game.
The game is about you as a british soldier during world war 1. You have been captured by the germans. But before they are going to make you talk they are being attacked by weird creatures. And once outside you see all kinds of soldiers hanging on pikes... Waiting for there moment to become zombies. You will get some guns (from that era) and you are going to hunt down thoes weird creatures.
More then this I don't give away just jet. And it would be a shame if I did. Because the game is downloadable as demo right now and the final release is coming somewhere in the 2nd quarter of this year. So enjoy the demo if it's your thing and wait till the final release has been made.

Quarter 2 of 2009: PC.X360 | Aspyr / 1C Company, Farm51