MotoGP, fatal crash Marco Simoncelli

Today we have lost a MotoGP driver... He was not well known with everybody, but that doesn't make it easier. I heared and saw it on the news this morning. And immediatly posted it on Facebook and saw the posts on #Twitter... Now that I needed to the web-items for the site I saw the crash the 1st time. To be honoust I almost couldn't do this item. Personally I don't have that mutch with MotoGP. But as a car sport enthousiast this hurts just as bad... Attention, this can be hard to watch !!! (Footage as shown on tv, NT1)

P.S.: This took place on the 2nd lap of the race for the Malaysian GP (normally 20 laps). Our thoughts goes out towards the family of the young victim this crash has taken away (24 years) !