Preview | Men of War
It took me long to remember were I saw this game for the first time. After a couple of minutes of playing and searching on the web I rememberd: Games Convention 2008. I played NecroVision (also a Preview this week) before this game, and I instantly found myself on a Rollercoaster ride. And not uphill, but downhill. This game made it so hard to believe we came further in the RTS genre the last couple of years... One of the first training missions in the demo made it hard for me to believe that this game was hard to master. All my people (2 survived) were killed in action, and the next scene I had them back ! This 2nd mission made me supress fire against the enemy in Russia (it's a world war 2 game). But I couldn't see them... So were was I shooting at ? Overall the game has potential but the weird control scheme and the medium graphics made me drown in sadness... They still have some time left at Bestway to make this game good, but till so far it doesn't look nice for them !

Quarter 2 of 2009: PC | Aspyr / 1C Company, BestWay