Review | Mark of the Ninja

Klei Entertainment is best known for Shank and Shank 2, published by EA. But for the co-launch on PC and Xbox 360 for Mark of the Ninja they work with Microsoft Game Studios. You can see that this game is from the same people as Shank and Shank 2. It has the same graphical style. And the same easy controls. Which make the play-factor very easy. The game isn't that short as well, which is good. And (as far as I know) in this game you have more replay value then in other games. Because of the moral choices you can make. And how you attack the mission at hand.
It didn't come to play this title before. But with this years Steam Summer Sale I finally bought it. Most of you will already finished this game 100% (September 2012 was it's release date). I did that just a view days ago.

So the story is small but solid, you have been chosen for the Ninja missions and also to get tattoo's from time to time to give you extra powers. The side-effect is that it CAN kill you or let you do some strange things. Yes... it is from Klei Entertainment. The weapons/gadgets you have at your disposal start out pretty weak. But with every objective you accomplish you get the oppotunity to upgrade them in the order you like. Or buy diferrent gadgets. Different weapons are coming along during the progress of the story line. You start with your fist, which make you evade most of the guards. But soon you are getting a sword and the grapling hook/chain. Half way trough the game you can have every available item in the game. But this depends on your way of reaching the objectives and/or don't try to kill anyone. The guards come in various shapes, and even have dogs or toxic gas at there disposal.
The enemy's are quiete sharp on there eyes as well. You're a ninja so stay hidden, or you'll get spotted. And don't make too much sound, because that will raise awareness among the other guards. So the enemy's aren't noobs. What about the level desings ? They are solid as well. There is most of the time more then one way too reach your final point of interest. Along the way you will find ammo supplies, where you can also change your gear. Bonus points, collectibles, and other dimensions levels. With there own objective and hardness.

Overall I had some great fun playing this game. The killing is very tempting. And the many different killing styles even more. The things you have to do are quiete diverse. And the objectives can be both easy and hard. If you have unlocked every single outfit, weapon and gadget you can go for another run in New Game Plus Mode, which let you do it one more time with tougher guards, but with every thing at your disposal from the first mission onwards.

Already on: PC.X360 | Microsoft Game Studios, Klei Entertainment